How to Close App Rate Windows on iOS Devices?

Close App Rate Windows on iOS Devices

As you know, app developers for mobile platforms need better reviews and a higher score for more people to buy or download their apps. Many app developers also display rating popups within their app for the user to comment and rate the app. This can be annoying for many people. Do you know there is a way to turn this off in iOS?

How to close the score and window?

  • Enter the settings on your iOS device.
  • Click on the Apple ID row.
  • Go to iTunes and AppStore.
  • Find and close the in-app comments and likes.

After these settings, any application will not ask you to evaluate itself. A setting like this is only iOS specific for now. There is no such setting on Android. While it is very important for enhancing the user experience, people also need reviews and ratings to find the right game and app. The more people use this system, the better user experience we will get.

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