How to Find Stolen Mac Computer Offline

Find my iPhone, one of Apple’s well-known features, has recently changed its name to just find it. Because now the feature is also available on Macs and Macbooks. A few questions may come to your mind here. How do I find my Mac if it won’t connect to the internet when it’s stolen? Here is that method.

How to find Mac and Macbook pro offline?

In fact, you might be afraid of this feature. Although it is described as harmless by Apple, you will understand when you explain it.

  • Follow this path on Mac and Macbook devices; System preferences – Security and privacy – Location Preferences
  • From here you can turn on the Find feature.
  • Also, your Apple ID must be on.
  • Grant your permissions from the unlock option to make changes from the bottom left.

How will you find your stolen or lost Mac and Macbooks after this stage? There is no problem if it is connected to the Internet, but what if it is not? For this, Apple has developed a method with the latest update. Bluetooth connection. Even if Apple is offline, it finds your device thanks to the bluetooth of other Apple devices around. If there is an Apple device near your device, the location of yours is shown.

In short, this means that all Apple devices can see each other and know their location. Although it is said that the locations of other Apple devices used to find devices are not shared, the situation that the devices can somehow see each other is quite disturbing.

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