How to Give Night Vision Effect in Photoshop?

How to Give Night Vision Effect in Photoshop?

We will inform you about giving night vision effect on Photoshop, which cannot be found in Turkish. As a result of long searches, we realized that there is no Turkish source, be sure to read our article about giving a night vision effect to the photo in photoshop.

Night vision, as many of you know, can be seen with special binoculars. It is a method that provides better vision by multiplying the very little light in the dark of night. These binoculars, especially used in the military, are very effective at night. So, is it possible to give an effect as if we are looking at it from night vision? Follow the steps below.

How to make Photoshop night vision effect?

1 – Choose a photo taken at night with lots of light. It can be in a normal photo, but photos with light are more effective.

Follow the steps 2 – Image – Adjustments – Channel Mixer and edit as below.

3 – Do Ctrl+U and make the settings as follows on the screen.

4 – Follow the Image – Adjustments – Selective color path and adjust the following settings.

5 – Create a new layer and fill it with white. Then follow the Filter – Filter Gallery – Texture – Grain path and adjust as follows.

6 – Next, let’s make sure that the layer you filled with white is above the original image, and then adjust the opacity of this layer so that the bottom image is visible and has noise. The final output will be as follows.

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