How to Make Instagram Dark Mode?

One of the newest features of Instagram is the dark mode, a feature that all users are curious about. The interval mode available on iOS continues to test for Android. Now we will talk about what you need and what you need to do to use Instagram in dark mode.

How to activate Instagram dark mode?

Let’s talk about the necessary things for this;

  • You need to use iOS 13 and above.
  • Your phone and operating system should have a dark mode setting, that is, it should support dark mode.
  • You need to be a tester for Android. (will not be necessary when it is released soon)

If you meet these requirements, you can set the dark mode for both operating systems as follows.

for iOS

  • go to settings
  • Go to Display and brightness.
  • Activate the dark mode option.
  • Instagram can now be set to dark mode.

for Android

  • Open Google Play.
  • Find Instagram.
  • Enter the application page.
  • Scroll down the page.
  • Go to the beta section.
  • Select the Join option.
  • After this step, you will receive an Instagram update.
  • Do the update.
  • Then turn on dark mode from your phone’s settings.

After this process, you will see that the dark mode is active.

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