How to Zoom Mobile Chrome Page?

Your phone may have a small screen, or even if it is large, you may have difficulty seeing what is written on the screen. If you use mobile Chrome for this, you can enlarge and shrink pages in a very simple way.

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Page enlargement

When you enter a normal website via mobile Chrome, there is a zoom option as it is not mobile-friendly, but if it is mobile-friendly, you cannot use the zoom option. For this reason, when you apply what we wrote below, you will be able to zoom, including on mobile compatible pages.

  1. Open mobile Chrome
  2. Click the 3-dot icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the Settings line.
  4. Click on the Accessibility row.
  5. Enable the Force zooming option.

After this option, you will be able to zoom what you are viewing on Chrome. Zooming is possible as long as it is not specifically blocked. As the name of the feature suggests, it may not work especially on items that are blocked from zooming. If you use the force enable option for such a feature, this option is normally not used to preserve image quality. All kinds of sites can be enlarged with force zoom.

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