Sending Large Files via Gmail

If you are a frequent mailer, you know that Gmail and other mail services cannot send very large files. For example, the maximum file size that Gmail can send is 25Mb. However, if you have a 1Gb file, you cannot send it by e-mail. So how do you do this? Considering that today, even high-quality photos are 10 to 15 mb in size, you will encounter the fact that you cannot send 2 photos by mail. But there is a simple method for this.

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Send large files with Gmail

It is possible to send large files via Gmail with a very simple method. Follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your Gmail account.
  2. If you have a Gmail account, that means you also have a Google Drive account.
  3. When you log into your Gmail account, you are also logged into your Drive account.
  4. Prepare your mail. Count the email address to be sent and your message, if any. After everything is done,
  5. Click the Drive icon at the bottom.
  6. This will redirect you to the Drive page of the same account. If the file you want to send is here, select it.
  7. If your file is on your computer, upload and select your file here.

After this process, you can send your e-mail. The reason why we are talking about Drive here is that it is integrated with gmail. Otherwise, you can add and send files from Yandex Disk or other cloud services as links.

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