SEO: Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Site Mobile-Friendly

Since 2016, Google has been pulling data from mobile versions of sites to generate data and snippets for use in search results. I think this first sentence highlights how important the mobile version of the site is. In this respect, a site that is not mobile-friendly loses its advantage in terms of SEO and search results.

How do I check if my site is mobile-friendly?

Google has a page for that. Go to this address and write your site’s address and query it. Google will give you the result in a short time. What should you do if it is negative?

Making websites mobile friendly

There are multiple ways for this. But Google recommends one. Responsive web design, Dynmic serving, Separate urls. Among these, Google recommends responsive web design. What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design sends the same html codes to all requesting devices. This also applies to Google bots. In other words, whether it comes from mobile, tablet or desktop, there will be no code changes. Such websites are easy to control. That’s why Google loves it.

When we say responsive website, for example, using “responsive” compatible themes for WordPress users will make your site responsive.

This action is something Google wants. A large part of the world accesses the Internet from mobile. Displays your site on mobile. In this respect, your site becomes comfortable for the visitor. Of course, mobile devices can also display the site in desktop form, but this creates reading difficulties for the user.

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